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Site Stuff: The necessary little things that all sites ought to have. Such as a Credits/Disclaimer page, an About the Author page, a Page History page, an Updates page, and now a Style Sheets page. Hm, that's five. I'll combine the first two here; how big can they be? The other three get their own sections.

First, to CaravanMultimedia.com, for ever so kindly hosting my page! For the first time, I have my own space, and not some freespace on a server I'll never see. Mr. Phil, Mr. Michael, Mr. Jay; you guys are awesome. Thanks.
Second, to Shanin: aside from the fact that I've stolen and modified code from your page(s), I owe you a great deal. *Grin* Having never actually seen me before, I've made the list of close friends that include Mr. C, Mr. J, and Ms. A. That means a lot to me. You're the closest online friend I've got, and I trust you a great deal. Thanks for all your words.
Third, to the Sanctuary and all it's inhabitants. You SKs have changed my life, allowed me to show my writing to someone, and to finally have proof that just because I meet someone on the Net doesn't mean they're a scary person who's solely dedicated to hunting me down and hurting me. You guys are real people, and you're awesome people at that.
Fourth, a joint thanks to Paramount and JMS; even though the two have never worked together, separately they have brought the two of the three universes that have most influenced my life. Even through all its flaws, I will always love Voyager; and Babylon 5 has shown me that great thought and great entertainment actually can go hand in alien appendage.
Fifth, and for now the last, a veiled thanks to Ad.Br. (not my roommate): You hurt me. Never forget that. I haven't. But you also showed me a brave new world. And for that, I will be forever grateful.
Thanks, everybody.

About The Author:
Let's do this in third person. People always manage to put humour in third person bios that just doesn't fit in first person ones.

Sanna is a Storykeeper, a member of an elite-in-the-minds-of-it's-members society that writes stories, mostly fanfiction, and mostly about Voyager. She lives in America, speaks English as her first language, and is old enough to have voted in the 2000 Pres election. She wishes she hadn't. Nothing good has yet come from that. She speaks German as a second language, and visted Berlin in the summer of 2000. In the fall of 2001, she will be entering the university in the town where she lives; as of this publication, she is intending to major in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing, and have a double minor in Drama and German. Career dreams include writing for a scifi series (Star Trek, or perhaps something as awesome as B5), or beginning a universe of her own. Sanna has been coding HTML (by hand!!) since the summer of 1997. Until July 2nd, 2001, she was reliant on freespace servers such as GeoCities to host her pages, but in the spring of 2001, she went to work for CM, and now has a website hosted by them.

When she was five years old, her father sat her down in front of the television to watch the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' premier episode 'Encounter at Farpoint'. Within five minutes, she was hooked. After watching that show for seven years (and crying when it went off the air), she watched Voyager for a year before UPN got it back from ABC; since Sanna did not get UPN, she was out of luck and out of Voyager. Enter Star Wars in the form of three movies given to her brother for his 11th birthday. Three movies, thirty books, four years, and a best friend later, she was sitting in the theater at 12:01 am on Wednesday, May 19th, 1999, as the most awaited movie since 'Return of the Jedi' aired, right in front of her eyes: 'The Phantom Menace.' And then Qui-Gon died. And over the summer, she slowly grew away from Star Wars, something she never thought she'd do. Re-enter Voyager; Fox bought the first five seasons while UPN showed the sixth, so at least she had a scifi fix of some kind. Within four months, she had egun writing fanfic. On November 19th, 1999, a sleepy Sunday morning, she began to outline what would prove to become a huge story: originally called 'Cause that Effects', it became 'Matter of Times', and kept getting even more complex.

Sometime during the early part of her junior year, Sara introduced her to the series 'Babylon 5' with the line, 'You remind me of Ivanova.' A year later, having seen all episodes at least once and a good chunk of them twice, Sanna is now of the opinion that B5 is the best scifi show ever in existance. But as this is primarily a Star Trek page, B5 ranting will cease... for now. And besides, that is why she has a Babylon 5 page, Unrequited.

And that, L+G, as they say, is that. For now.


This page copyrighted by Sanna the SK, SannaSK.com . Created July 5th, 2001. All named franchises are owned by their respective companies (Star Wars - LucasArts; Star Trek and Voyager - Paramount; Babylon5 or B5 - JMS), and I don't belong to any of those. 'Matter of Times', however, is mine. Hands off. Mice off, too. You wanna talk, let's talk. You wanna dance, let's dance. You wanna sue, find somebody who has money to begin with. "Don't sue, hire!"

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