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Yeah, here it is in all its glory... my links page. Everyone ought to have one, though. Like bathrooms. Every house needs a bathroom. They just have a tendancy to get set up and used, but not cleaned very often. I suppose I'm afraid I'll set this up and then it'll get cumbersome, and I'll ignore it, and then it'll have dead links (which I hate... find them, tell me), and then it'll just sit here.... yay. Well, maybe this one will be different. So, without further ado... my important links.


USS Starfalcon - the current gathering place of the SKs.

The Other Sanctuary - underused. My fault, too. A place where we were supposed to be able to gather and write together in the absence of the Sanctuary. It's cumbersome, but I'm working on it.

Storykeeper's Archieve - I'm supposed to have the keys to this place, and be keeping it up. One of these days I'll figure out how to work an FTP, and it'll be updated. We miss lis.

OS Archieve - Archieve of the stories begun at the OS. Therefore, small. Jan 2002 - a while ago, Yahoo decided to cease recognizing my password for this name. This page will not be updated in the near futre, until I find a way back in. - Shanin's page. Gosh i miss her. ^_^ - Look who else got a dotcom!!!! Look what I'm starting... ^_^ (*Makes a mental note to go and see if IA is linked...* ^_^ )

Sci Frame - At least, I think that's what it's called. Yet another Lis page; but this one is spiffier than most. I hope it stays; I like the name. ^_^.

A Wonderful Life! Kate Janeway's page.

Anyone else want a link?


My roommate Alexia and I are obessed with this movie... and a certain elf.... and, of course, a certain hobbit.... ^_^!!

Lord Of The Rings Personality Test -- a must-take for any fan. Only contains major charactors (just the Nine, I think). (I was Frodo here.)
Lifesupportal LOTR Test - this one has more charactors to choose from. (I was Galadriel here.)
Hobbit Name Generator -- Heehee!!! (Hobbit: Celandine Boffin from Brockenborings. Elf: Ascacú / Celebfalath. Dwarven: Kili Bronzeshield. I was an 'Unwanted Ent.' What's an Ent?)

Movie-Mistakes.Com -- and I thought I had too much time on my hands. Some pretty funny stuff. I tried submitting some nits, but he's not taking submissions anymore... can you blame him? - by the fans, for the fans.

Celebrity Link - Orlando Bloom -- for others likewise obsessed with the blond elf. Wait... they're almost all blond. *is envious*
-- Bloomin Marvelous
-- Talent in Bloom
-- Nine
-- Orlando's Swoon Pages

Celebrity Link - Elijah Wood -- he was as old as I am now (as a freshman in college) when he filmed this! I wanna be the star of a movie! Three movies!
-- ElijahWood.Com -- is it possible to be this humble AND this cute, and still be human? (1/28/M/2002 -- Happy 21st BDay!!!)

Imladris: LOTR Movie News -- even has a countdown clock till 'Two Towers'.



Sluggy Freelance - I'm not kidding. FEAR THE BUNNY.

Jennica's Console - J/C fanfic w/ yearly Christmas contest... hey, wait a minute... J/C fanfic... J/C, Jennica's Console... sad thing is, I just now figured this out.

E.J.'s Voyager Fanfic - Good stuff. Find the Photonic Fleas story... couldn't stop laughing. Most of it's not humor-based fanfic, but J/C. Just so you know.

The Geek Hierarchy -- any anime otaku or writer or scifi fan needs to see this page.

Area51 Humor - a site with many funny things.

Evil Overlords, Inc. How not to end up like Chaotica.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap

The Softrat - has a table showing all the languages that have stemmed from a Germanic root. Very interesting, at least to me.

Powers of Ten in the Universe - at the same time the most interesting, and yet somehow, the most wrong thing I have ever seen. Very recommendable. (Javascript Applet)

Six Degrees from Yourself to the Simpsons: Contest as - and I'm the first entry. Nifty, huh? I found this through doing a '' search on AltaVista, way long after I had entered. I had even forgotten that I HAD entered.... ^_^

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