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July 2, 2002 - T

IrgendAnders turns one year old today!!!! Wow!!! So hard to believe it's been a whole year already! Is this what it's like to have children, and watch them grow up so fast?? I think I'll pass on that part. This website takes enough time as is, and at least I can ignore it when I have to, and not worry about it putting something sharp in it's mouth.
Lessee, what's happened since the last update? I've put most of the site into php format, anticipating the day when I will learn more than two commands. I'm plugging hard away at the Sluggy Freelance summaries, and writing lots of stuff for Silicon Cherry. Hopefully my artist will pick up, too, and we can get this show on the road! I'm excited!
And a pretty new layout for the WHOLE SITE, in honor of the anniversary! Please please email me and tell me what you think! Or sign the IA GB .

June 3, 2002 - M

From the checklist from below:
Added to the HTML 3-A-Day tutorial. Check. Yay for me.
Pink Fuzzy Dice launch. Check. Yay for Jenn.
Fear The Bunny additions. Half check. More to do, oc.
Three checks. Yay for Sanna. Much more to do.
Oh, have begun to create a new layout for the site, in honor of the upcoming birthday of IrgendAnders!

May 15, 2002 - W

PFD has stuff! Not much, but a beginning. Which is about all SC has sat with for the last... long time. I promise, I'm working on it. Slowly. I had to rebuilt my comp last night, so it's getting back to it's former state of spiffiness. Gosh, it's been a long time since I've worked on this. April saw a record number of visitors, 607, yay!! Now, if I could just get anyone to sign the guestbook... In new news, I now have a page for adopts and one for quotes, both accessible through the Miscellaniousigheitlyness section. Also, in great news, I have gained Netscape! Now I can troubleshoot this site in NS. Don't get me wrong, I still hate it, but at least those who like it will still be able to see this page as it is meant to be seen.
Be back soon, everyone...

Ap 4, 2002 - H

Ok, gonna try something with CSS this time. If this font looks different than the others, that's a good thing. I hope. ^_^
In the News: Silicon Cherry is up and... running... yet another venture I'm going on, I and four of my friends are going to start an online comic. Oi. Well, we hope we are. Yay! Also: Pink Fuzzy Dice has it's own subdomain now! Even though there is not, as of this writing, anything there yet. PFD is a newsletter by my friend Siren, who collects writings from her friends and distributes them, thus allowing for enjoyment by others.
Future plans (for after finals): SC additions, PFD launch, HTML additions, FTB additions, FYF additions, Fanfiction additions... I'm going to have a busy summer. ^_^

Feb 13, 2002 - W

I have uploaded three new pages/sections! First, my piece of advice is to Fear the Bunny; this is my Sluggy Freelance section. Second, Fly, You Fools! is my Lord of the Rings page. Both are small, but growing. (LOTR count: 5) Also, learn how to play the most addictive card game known to mankind: Nertz!

Jan 30, 2002 - W

The News Stuff section is open. I'm keeping a record of all my newsletters. So far, I've seen LOTR: FOTR four times, and can't wait to see it again!! An LOTR corner possibly coming soon... alongside the Sluggy corner, also possibly coming soon...
I'm in a play!! Rehearsals start in mid March, and the play goes up late April. So for about a month and a half I will be honestly hard-pressed to do anything other than eat, sleep, school, school work, and rehearsals. I WILL get the NL out. There just may not be much in it. ^_^

Jan 12, 2002 - Sa

I Saw LOTR, and Loved It!!! And I updated my links list with a handful of LOTR pages. And a Geek Heirarchy link that any anime otaku, writer of any sort, or scifi fan really ought to see.
As for the rest of the site... I may be changing the layout and/or colors soon, depending on what comes to mind. Classes start in two days *tries not to think about that*, so we'll see how often updates come.

Dec 5, 2001 - W Haha... I looked at the update below and panicked, thinking I had forgotten to re-upload all the changed pages. But I did. I think. I hope. And I wrote something new (not MoT assiociated) which will be posted up here as soon as I get it HTMLized. What else... Oh! My Online Diary has gained a page 4, after my 3 month hiatus. I'm Baaack!
Nov 14, 2001 - W I should be getting ready for class... Sanna's an idiot. Instead, I'm changing my whole site around to encompass a splash page. This means changing links on over 50 pages (basically, the whole site) and re-uploading. Meh. To top it off, my Ethernet's not working right now... well, by the time you're seeing this, it's working again.
Nov 12, 2001 - M Ouch. Two months. I don't know if I was planning to be gone this long.
IA has a new look, at least to the front page... I'm also considering rewriting that entry text, see if I can get more people to stay. It's hard to tell who hits because they want to stay and are using the front page as navigation, and who hits and leaves at once. Strange counters. As far as the new look goes, it's still all blue and brown and black... but I don't feel like changing that yet. My Muse is still returning.
I want to write... I wonder if I should try and force something. Maybe the Block just has to be smacked a few times for it to fragment. *Shrug*
Sept 12, 2001 - W First of all, everyone pray for those who lived through the hell that was Tuesday. Compared to that, all this seems insignificant, doesn't it?
But, on a happier note... Sanna built some cliques! Yes, I'm supposed to be gone, but I couldn't stay away... I have cliques! They are Searching For and Hailing. Searching For is the so-genannt 'elitist' clique, only for those who write Star Trek fanfiction. Hailing is a much looser clique, for those who like Star Trek in general. So... please join. Cliques are fun. As I find those I feel like joining, I'll build a page for them. For now, I am...
Searching For ::^:: Kathryn.
Sept 1, 2001 - Sa I am coming back, I promise. I just had a sudden urge to go work on another site. It'll be about a week, maybe two, but I am coming back. Freespace sites, one can afford to forget about. This one, I pay for. I'm not forgetting.
Diary is full through page three. I may not update it while I'm working elsewhere.
I'll be back. -- S.
Aug 27, 2001 - M Happy birthday to me, yesterday! You know what? I just realized something... It's slightly, how to say, irksome, to go to a page where there are many, many updates... But They're All Little Things. 'Today I fixed a single broken link on a tiny corner of a single page.' So I am just going to post updates when there is something significant, or when I have done a Lot of little things.
Today I added to the More Miscellanious Things, including an iframe, to decrese number of separate screens. I love iframes. Iframes were also added to the HTML Tutorial section, and I'm taking down an insignificant page that probably only Shanin will ever remember what it was. I am, the Tiredest Link. Goodbye!
Aug 25, 2001 - Sa My birthday is tomorrow! And I'm in the dorm! And my Ethernet connection is working! And classes start on Monday! Enough '!'s. More frequent updates will come. In the meantime, check out my roommate Spats's page, Miniature Reality, which I am helping her build. (It's a page of pixel doll graphics. She has much more patience than I.) Oh, and I'm beginning to type in some old diary entries. No new story stuff yet. :(
Aug 16, 2001 - H Happy 19th birthday to my best friend from when I was little! Nothing much newish today; go look at the Diary entry #8 on Page 2 to see why I haven't added anything in 9 days. Other than the mentioned, the main job picked up, plus I got another... I wish I didn't have to sleep. More updates will come when I get my own comp, hopefully Monday. I got CuteFTP! I love it. Get it. Life is good. Ever heard of NeoPets?
August 7, 2001 - T Adding the JavaScript SiteMeter to many pages. Angry at AOL ftp, angrier at GC file manager. Created the B5 corner 'Unrequited' last night; uploaded it to the GC server space. Will have to find a way to link to it from the main area of IA. Got a separate counter system for Unreq. Installed that. Unreq needs a lot of work, but then again, so does IA. Found a listserver for the newsletter... dunno if I like it yet.
August 1, 2001 I added the SiteMeter thingy to the bottom of the first page. It's ugly, but I need something. I put a graphic at the top of the Story Index page (which saved nicely today, tyvm), and linked up the HDY section. Looking for a ezine service...
July 31, 2001 I think I accidentally deleted the last update. Oh, well. Today I fixed a broken link here, and tried to improve the Story Index page-- but every time I saved a change, the code file would unformat itself, remove all my spaces and whatnot. It was very frustrating. So I stopped for that day, and revised the first newsletter.
July 17, 2001 - T I moved the stories to a subfolder, and fixed a bunch of ugly code in my stories, and Oath Worth Taking has a background now. If any feedback comes back on that, I'll put backgrounds for all the other stories, or take it down whichever way that goes. There may be broken links for a week or so, but I hope not. I haven't added a diary entry yet today, but I probably will. Yesterday I added the little Imood button to my Misc index. It's cute.
July 16, 2001 - M Lots of stuff. On Friday, I uploaded the Miscellaniousigheitlyness section, and over the weekend wrote in the diary. Today I began the More Miscellanious Things section, mostly as an attempt to clean out my inbox. I need to get a hold of some kind of site counter thing; I wanna know who's coming! I need something that will block out hits by certain IP addresses, namely mine. I don't want to run my own counter up.
July 6, 2001 - F Pages transferred to domain. Site online. And there is a very great deal of rejoicing.
July 2, 2001 - M SannaSK.com bought!!! And there is much rejoicing. Work begun on site.
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SannaSK.com is and has been owned by Sanna the SK since July 2, 2001. Mice off. Blue-and-grey layout created June 2004. All my site designs come out of my own head, and I code by hand. If you use my code for learning purposes, please email me, I'd be honored.
This site looks really good on a PC with MSIE. On a Mac with Netscape, it looks like crap. I'm sorry. Get Mozilla anyway, and email them that they should support the bordercolor command for tables.

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